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About Us

Chaps World...

A Celebration of Luxury and the world of the Champagne Appreciation Society.

Come and join us…discover a world of champagne, fine wine, luxury chocolates and more!

We have created a place for you to explore and indulge in a wide range of premium champagnes, fine wine and sublime chocolates.

And this is only the beginning.

With your support, we will make ChapsWorld a sought after social and business utility site that connects you with people who, while enjoying champagne, will help make a positive difference in our world.

How? Well, our desire is to give a significant portion of our profits from Champagne sales to charity in due course. To start with, we will be giving 20% of our profits from Champagne sales to registered charities.

Good food, good champagne and good company enrich our lives beyond measure. We know there are many of you who realise and want to thank for the inestimable pleasures of champagne and good living in different ways.

ChapsWorld’s vision is to raise money for charities while providing our members with a complete and unique champagne experience. We will offer you a great range of popular brands of champagne as we grow the business and with your ChapsWorld Privilege Card which will be introduced next year, you will have access to luxury products, popular venues and brilliant services through special deals too.

We have other exciting plans as well, such as special charity events, trips to the champagne region and many others.

So, be prepared for a unique experience and lots of fun through this exclusive online address for purchasing champagne, fine wine, chocolates and other gifts for your personal and business requirements.

This is a partnership with you and we are confident that you will enjoy your journey with us and help make an honourable contribution to charities while enjoying the benefits of your ChapsWorld membership.

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The Champagne Appreciation  Society

Where A World of luxury awaits...

A taste of the high life doesn't have to end with a bottle of champagne.

Chaps World is your gateway to luxury, indulgence and the finer things in life.

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